Newness ! Sassy Kitty becomes SAKIDE

August 7, 2011


After 3 years i wanted some change but keeping the style. So after pretty much a year of thinking, i decide to do it. I chose SAKIDE because its shorter to remember, and a more unique name. I just hope you won’t get too confused xD
Oh and it just means Sassy Kitty Designs, take the first 2 letters of each works.

New Services at the store

I profited to use a vendor system for my signs so now you are able to buy and use Gift Cards. There is Credit Reward too ! When you buy an item you get 5% of the price (10% on the fat packs) on your credit store. You can then use this credit to buy what you want with. Kind of fidelity reward system.
You can also send one item as gift. Just touch the product sign instead of paying it and you will get the options.

NEW Releases

To celebrate the new SIM, Store and Name, i have made a lot of new stuffs!

  • Empire Dots Dresses : Based on the Romantic Empire Dress, i made a dotted version because i thought i was fluffy and purdy. Without or without straps, with different dots depending of the dress color. Available in Black, Red, Rose, Taupe, White.
  • Flowy Tops : Made for the FTLO Hunt, i have done more colors. OffShoulders top with a sculpted wide bottom and sleeves, sculpted bows. Can be worn as short dress too if you like. Available in Black, Grey, Pink, Red

  • Classy Lines Tops : Sculpted Tops with a nice classy black or white embroidery pattern, and colored lines. Black & White versions in each sign. Available in Plain, Black&White, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red
  • Disjoined Tops : Sexy tube tops, top parts with different patterns (Hearts, Leopard, Embroidery and Sheer). Available in Black, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Taupe, White.

  • Lifted Sweater Bras : Simple lifted bras with a nice tee/sweater texture, in plain or sheer versions. Available in Black&White, Grey&Red, Pink&Purple, Sand&Wine.
  • Paisley Skinny Pants : From the Summer Corsairs pants, long versions in the same style. Different skinny sculpted cuffs available, with out without appliques on them. Available in Black, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Taupe, White.

  • Playful Bodysuits and Tops : Seductive bodysuits and tops in a Lace Corset style. With or without Lace. Available in Black, Grey, Pink, Red, Taupe, White.

  • Grunge Unbuttoned Studded Pants : Made for Halloween last year, i have been asked often to do more colors, so here they are. Normal and loose ripped unbuttoned pants in a grunge style. Available in Black, Grey, Pink, Red, Taupe, White.
  • Hallow’s Heart Dresses : Same, Dress made for Halloween, i really liked it and decided to put it out in store and make more colors. Sexy mini dress with skeleton on front and back, black or white for each dress color. Available in Black, Grey, Pink, Red, White.

  • Rollin’Off and Slide/Slide em’Off Panties : New slide/slide em’off panties gatcha machines with a denim version and a sexier one with both sides down.
I hope you like all of this and ill try to update this blog as it should be xD

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