Private Room, ZombiePopcorn Brand, La Venta Eventa and My Rotten Valentine Hunt

February 4, 2012



Second round for this sexy girls event! Until the 29th.

2 new exclusive this time with :
– Essential Dresses : the new year sexy dress improved with 2 versions, sheer or opened in Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Taupe and White. All layers.
– Pinstripe vs Leopard Shorts : Sexy shorts in both patterns for each colors. Black, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Taupe and White.

TP to Private Room


Pretty gowns, in 2 styles with a bloody version as well.

From February 4th to 18th! ONLY available at the Zombiepopcorn Brand place. Come Check out items from DAMNED, [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], PIDIDDLE, *Epic*, {what next}, ploom, * RezIpsa Loc *, KOSH & SeVered GarDeN.

TP to ZombiePopcorn Brand


At the mainstore from 3th 9PM slt to 5th midnight slt

Pre-release for La Venta Eventa, discounted to 50L$ each for the week-end !
Available in Black, Pink, Purple, Taupe, White, Wine. Grey and Red colors are free for the Jack or Jill hunt going on.


For those who prefers the Bloody Valentines style here the hunt for you ! This is a hunt geared towards the bloody, morbid, gothic, emo, dark things you never see at Valentines.

Dark red version of the purdy gowns, see it Crimson or Blood color as you wish. 2 styles for the dress and matching high heels pumps included!

Starting point : RoTtEn DeFiAnCe
Hints and stores list :

Enjoy your week-end !

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