Around the World and Unhinged Festival

November 15, 2012



From November 15th 12PM slt to November 29th 12AM slt,

” Around the world will be a gathering of participating designers to come together and choose a region of the world. More than just an event, it is a milestone of celebrating equality in Second Life and culture in a virtual world.”

My region is North America and i choose to do some items for Alaska.
You will find 4 exclusives and their colors :

Full outfits including MESH Fur Overall (XXS, XS, S, M), Shrug pulls with MESH Collar and sculpted cuffs and Non-Rigged MESH Fur Boots with resizer.

Full outfits including MESH Tanned Skin Dress (XXS, XS, S, M, L), Shrug Jackets with sculpted cuffs and Rigged MESH Fur Uggs Boots.

Cozy and warm MESH coats, each color coming with Black, Tan or White fur collars. XXS/XS, S, M, L, XL sizes.

Comfy Non-rigged MESH fur slippers and Rigged MESH knitted socks. Slippers with or without drawing.

Infos on

TP to Around The World – North America


From November 15th to December 15th,

A great event is organized to help Eku Zhong in her struggle with serious health issues. Nephilaine explained it better than i could ever do, so go read :

The event is mainly a Gacha Fair but you will find more ! 75% or 100% of the proceeds from gachas and vendors will go to the fundraiser.
For the opening you will have 3 days with DJs and Performers !

As Gacha mahines, i have made those Non-Rigged MESH and Sculpted Rings which are Unisex (female and male versions for each). Black or Silver, the fat packs are the rare prize. All transfer of course.

Pretty colorful and flowery skull MESH dresses coming in several colors! Black pantyhose included. XXS/XS, S, M, L sizes and demo.

All infos on

TP to Unhinged Festival

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