Endless Summer Hunt and more

June 22, 2013

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Until July 20th,
100 stores participating with 100 free new gifts, some will be for both genders.

Beach Forever Outfits for Endless Summer Hunt

Cream & Pink Outfits including :
– MESH Crochet Bikinis. XXS, XS, S, M, L.
– MESH Skirts. XXS, XS, S, M, L.
– Sculpted Plumeria hair flowers.

My hint : Such a pretty mannequin

Starting point : Razor
Infos and hints : http://depravednation.com/endless-summer


* I finally had the time to update the vendor system at the mainstore and discount store. You still get 5% of Store Credit for every purchases and 10% for the VIP (double for fat packs).

What changed is the Giftcard system! The giftcards are now transferable with whatever amount you want (min 100L) . You need to make sure you or your friend touch the card to get all the informations on how to redeem the gift.

If you have a Giftcard bought before June 15th, please send it back to me and i will send a new one. I don’t think the old giftcards works with the new system.

You can gift any item from the stores as well, and now “silently”. You don’t need to type the name in main chat anymore, which i know can be a little bit awkward.

* The other new thing is about SL Marketplace purchases. You get 5% of Store Credit from any purchases and if the item is Copy, you can use the Redelivery terminal at the mainstore.


Catching up a little on my delay to update the store with past event items, you can now find those at the mainstore and soon on SL Marketplace (click to see the Flickr page) :

That’s all for now.


If you have 5 seconds free, please answer this mini poll :

Have a great week-end <3

TP to SAKIDE Mainstore or SL Marketplace 

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