SAKIDE means SAssy KItty DEsigns :) (since April 2008)

After 3 years it was time for a change and a more unique name. I am more than grateful to still have my store living.

I had the chance to be helped by my friend Adell who owned DARK OMEGA, giving me a place in his store :)
Now I have my own SIM and i’m so proud and thankful to be a part of the Designers community in Second Life. I want to thank and hug all my friends for the support they give to me every day, and all the customers as well that follows me in this crazy adventure.

SAKIDE is a store for women, mainly Casual and Sexy style but you can also find Gothic, Cyber, Punk, Vintage, Classic styles.
Tops, Dresses, Low rise denims, Pants, Outfits, Skirts, Accessories, Shoes and now MESH clothing.

The Tails and Ears are still there, in another part of the Mall, because im still proud of them!

Any questions about the store can be sent to Kinu Mayako by notecard.


SAKIDE/Sassy Kitty Designs on Marketplace


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