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Thank you for your interest in blogging SAKIDE items. Please read this and fill the form, all details are required.

  • Your blog needs to be at least 4 months old
  • You have blogged at least one SAKIDE item in the past
  • You have a flickr account (easier for me to follow you)
  • You know how to do nice pictures (not blurry, not pixelated, the minimum required)
  • Your blog needs to be syndicated in some the fashion feeds
  • You are an active blogger (more than a post every month…)
  • You speak English or French

About the pictures, PLEASE have a look at those Tutorials, this is the basic knowledge everyone should have!

I use a skybox where bloggers can get the items whenever they are available.
You have to add me on flickr and everytime you see “B” at the end of my flickr post, it means it’s available in the skybox.

I only speak French and English languages, so please be fluent in one of these.

I look the applications every month (depending how busy i get) and you will be notified by a notecard if you are accepted. Thank you.

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