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Carver’s End Survival Horror Game

October 21, 2015


From October 21st to November 21st

The best Halloween Hunt, developped by Pulse Games/Snatch City Team, is here!!

A completely interactive and “rewarding” Second Life Gaming Experience with multiple levels across several sims & challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from dozens of KILLER designers. See the Horror Event of the YEAR, this year and every year. Don’t be the only one of your friends to miss out on what some have called …”The Scariest Haunted House in Second Life!”

Underworld Outfit for Carver's End Survival Horror Game

Be somber and sexy with this full Outfit including :
– MESH Leather Dress and Top
XXS, XS, S, M, L
– MESH Leather Thigh High Boots with HUD to change roses between 8 colors, the gems between 8 colors, hide the fishnet, the cross, the piercing (on roses), the roses and the cuffs/studs.
XXS, XS, S, M, M2, L, XL, Slink
– Unrigged MESH Bones Top and Panties with HUD to change between normal, bloody, black and black bloody.

The Outfit is divided in 3 rats scattered around the game rooms.

Join the SL group: Pulse Games to Chat with fellow players about your game experience and share HINTS & Check out our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Pulse-Games-in-SL/244050798967300 for even more!

Landing point : Carver”s End Game

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Freak Show

October 18, 2015


Until October 31st,

The Freak Show is a full sim Gacha fair hosted by Depraved Nation! This fair has a loose “freaky / halloween” theme and will run during the month of October.

Racy Halloween Tops for Freak ShowSexy Tops in 8 styles each coming with a HUD to change between 4 colors.
All in one HUD as rare prize!

XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes

Kooky Heels for Freak Show

Cute high heels in 8 styles each coming with a HUD to change Roses, Strap, Shoelaces between 5 colors, metal between 4 colors.
All in one HUD as rare prize!

Wearable with Slink High Feet or standard AV feet.

TP to Freak Show


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Pastel Goth Fair

October 18, 2015


Until October 30th,

The Pastel Goth is a recent trend that is growing in popularity. Also known as “Nu Goth” or “Soft Grunge”, it mixes cute and dark elements at the same time, with a perfect balance of pastel and colorful tones working together with black.

Pastel Gloomy Outfit for Pastel Goth Fair

Cute and dark outfit including opened tank and skirt with a HUD :
– change Tank between 8 styles
– change Skirt between 6 laces or 6 dots

XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes
(Belleza sizes for the tank included)

Mohair Goth Sweater for Pastel Goth Fair

Snuggly gothic turtleneck with HUD to change between 7 colors.
XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes

TP to Pastel Goth Fair


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Halloween House

October 26, 2013


The annual SAKIDE Halloween House is there!

Lot of items for your Halloween parties or just because you like the Dark style like i do. Plenty of freebies, dollarbies and discounted items as well.
Have a look inside the small house but the mainstore too. The House will be up until November 5th or so.

The NEWs are :

Obscure Gown - MainstoreDark and elegant gothic MESH Gown.
Including clean and blood versions for top and skirt, and sheer tops.
XXS/XS, S, M, L sizes

Sinfuls Corset - Mainstore– MESH Corset wearable in 3 versions. Hooded, with Strap or Corset alone.
XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes.
– Panties and Pasties to wear under with tango appliers included.

You can find all the other Sinful Corsets in the house as well!

Attitude Collars - Mainstore

Sexy leather belts Collar, with or without OpenCollar scripts.
Unrigged MESH with a HUD to change between 5 metals. Resizer but there are modify.

Sold separatly or All in one HUD.
You can find a special Black Blood version for Halloween as well!

Halloween Hunter Outfits - Mainstore

I wanted to make something cute too so here 5 sweet outfits.

5 styles : Bats, Skulls, Spider, Treats, Witch.
All including :
– MESH Overalls with HUD to switch between Black, Orange and Purple pockets and strap.
XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.
– Unrigged MESH Hat. Same HUD to change between 5 textures and resize it.
– Orange and Purple offshoulders tops, with tango appliers

Sold separately or All in one HUD.

Somber Outfit - Halloween Dollarbie - MainstoreSpecial Halloween Dollarbie! Casual for every day look.

– MESH Sweater with HUD to change between Black, Red, or Silver skull.
– MESH Black shorts with studded belt.
– Tango appliers.
XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes

TP to SAKIDE Halloween House

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Perfect Wardrobe Halloween

October 26, 2013


Until November 2nd, Theme : Halloween

Sorcerer Outfits for Perfect Wardrobe

Voodoo sorcerer or necromancer outfits! Including (all mesh) :
– Corset. XXS, XS, S, M, L.
– Armwarmers. XXS, XS, S/M, L.
– Thighs High. XXS, XS, S, M, L.
– Panties. XXS, XS, S, M, L.
– Sorcerer Staff. Resizer.
– Tango appliers.

You will find several alpha layers combinations boxed too.

Available in Black/Black, Black/Orange, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/White, Black/Wine
Only 90L$ each!

TP to Perfect Wardrobe NEW LM

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