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New Release, Love Potion Hunt and Jack or Jill Hunt

February 1, 2013



Arrogant Dresses

Sexy Leather & Spikes MESH Dresses, opened in the back.
HUD to change the spikes textures between Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and White metal.

XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes. Try the demo!

Available in Black, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Wine.

TP to SAKIDE Mainstore or Marketplace


Dark Love Lingerie for Love Potion N°9.9 Hunt

From February 1st 12PM SLT to March 14th, 15 stores for this original, fun and unisex hunt !

This is not like all common hunts so read ! :

1. The hunters purchase the HUD for 50L. The HUD gives out landmarks to each store as well as a hint. There is no set order in which to do this hunt.
2. You have to be NEXT to the hunt item when you find it. Click it.
3. You won’t receive any item by clicking BUT once you found all the “ingredients”, you will get access to the final place with all the 15 gifts.

Dark Love Lingerie including : 
* MESH Leather & Lace Corset (XXS, XS, S, M, L) with lingerie set including Tango appliers.
* 2 MESH Leather Boxers in XS, S, M, L.

Infos : http://madpea.blogspot.com

Start and purchase the HUD here : Love Potion No. 9.9 Landing Point


Lady Tux for Jack or Jill Hunt

From February 1st to 28th, this hunt will be split in 2 paths.
A male path and a female path. Around 50 stores for each!

Since i couldn’t decide between dark or light Grey, you get both :
– MESH Pinstripe & Satin Vests. XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.
– MESH Pinstripe Pants. XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.
– Sculpted Pumps

My hint : In a “Tops” Corner
Blog : http://depravednation.com/jack-or-jill-2-0

Starting Point : JOJ Start Location =Razorblade Jacket= Mainstore

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Resting Place Pulse Game!

October 18, 2012


From October 17th to November 18th

Happy to finally participate to this awesome event sponsored and produced by the Pulse, Nomine, Vapor, New Kadath & Sn@tch City  Sims, Planet Ash and Hez Scripts.

“A completely interactive and “rewarding” Second Life Gaming Experience with multiple levels across several sims, challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from dozens of fantastic designers. See the Horror Event of the Season, this year and every year. Don’t be the only one of your friends to miss out on what some have called …”The Scariest Haunted House in Second Life!””

7 prizes to find in the different places :
– Latex Bloody Leggings
– Latex Bloody Skirts
– Leather Mesh Top with Red Skull
– Leather Mesh Top with White Skull
– Bloody Mesh Long Skirt Black
– Bloody Mesh Long Skirt White
– Skull gloves Grey & Red

It’s no ordinary hunt so it’s really important that you read the rules on the blog : http://pulsegamessl.blogspot.com

TP to Resting Place Landing

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Perfect Wardrobe Asylum

August 27, 2012


From August 27th to September 8th, Asylum Theme

2 Leather outfits with MESH corsets and skirts, normal or bloody versions.
XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.

90L$ each, Dirty is upstairs.

TP to Perfect Wardrobe

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High Voltage Hunt

May 2, 2012


Until May 31st, New Depraved Hunt !!

Sexy Danger Outfit including Leather Bodysuit, Garters Leggings, Sculpted Belt and Skirt.

60 awesome stores participating!

Stores list and hint : http://depravednation.com/high-voltage
Starting point : Razorblade Jacket


The faire is over. However since the items have been liked, and some of you couldn’t find the store, they are now at the mainstore ! The Fashion for Life items as well. All profit going to Relay for Life until the event season ends.


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Private Room

April 10, 2012



New session for this event dedicated to sexy girls.
Exclusive Girdle mini dresses in full or with fishnet versions, with or without garters, and Mini MESH Skirts in Leather or Latex coming in 7 sizes for each.

Only available at The to Private Room

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