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The End Event

July 16, 2015


From July 16th to August 5th

New round for this Post Apocalypse event with fashions, accessories, home and garden items.

Fateful Outfits for The EndFateful Outfits for The EndSexy and dark outfit with Mesh leather Shorts and Tops.
HUD to change Top between 4 versions :
– Leather/metal,
– Leather/metal rust,
– Metal/leather,
– Rust metal/leather.
You can change the shorts metal as well.
XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes

Fateful Boots for The End

Mesh High platform leather sneakers in 3 versions :
– Full leather,
– Leather and metal platform,
– Leather and metal rust platform,
HUD to hide/show the spikes and resizer

TP to The End

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Gone in the Wind

June 13, 2014


From June 12th to June 30th

Serafilm is back with one of my favorite movie when i was little : Gone with the Wind.

Scarlet Summer Gown for Serafilms

Delicate and pretty gown perfect for summer and garden party.

This outfit includes :
– MESH Top. XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.
– MESH Skirt. XXS/XS, S, M, L
– MESH Sleeves. XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.
– Non-rigged MESH Hat

Teleport to Serafilm Venue

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Private Room, Seraphim Hunt and Black Market

July 15, 2012



Until August 6th or so, new round for the Private Room, new asymmetric MESH Tops with bitchy lines.

The sayings are :
– Bitch I’m awesome
– Don’t be humble, you’re not that great
– I hope Karma slaps you before I do
– I’m not bad, I’m much worse
– Muted!
– No Mercy
– Not your type
– Runs with scissors
– Your face makes my head hurt
– Your stupidity kills my braincells. Please STFU

All coming in Black/White, Blue/Pink, Purple/Red.
XXS/XS, S M, L sizes, with alpha layer and optional clothing layers to wear under for each sizes.

 TP to the Private Room


From July 15th to 31st, Seraphim celebrate their one-year anniversary in SL with a hunt! All items will be 10L and exclusive to the hunt.

2 Linen Harem outfits including Tops in black or taupe with sheer versions and Mesh Harem Pants in black or taupe (XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes)

More infos : http://seraphimsl.com/seraphim-turns-one-birthday-hunt
Flickr Group

Hint : OMG Boots!



From July 15th to August 15th,

 Sexy Bikini and Swimsuit in Black, with Gold or Silver options. All layers.
100L$ only and 3 items discounted to 40L$.

TP to The Black Market

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