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Spring at Perfect Wardrobe

April 2, 2013


Spring Patchwork Dresses for Perfect Wardrobe

Until April 13th, Theme : Spring

2 Pretty patchwork MESH dresses, Lavender and Rose.
XXS, XS, S, M, L sizes.

Demo available.

TP to Perfect Wardrobe ♥ 

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Perfect Wardrobe and Spring Hunt again!

April 18, 2012



Until April 28th, Darkness/Emo session !
So you will find this full outfit including Halter Top with 4 different patterns bands, Latex Capris and Non-Rigged MESH Ballet Shoes in the 4 patterns + deep black.

All for 90L$ only.

TP to Perfect Wardrobe


Until April 31st, new Spring hunt at Jersey Shore Mall !

I admit it was a bit hard for me to do something for Spring with the “Winterish” weather we have here, so here an everyday outfit including a Cashmere V Pull and 3 shiny Jeans, normal and ripped versions.

You are looking for a big yellow flower item inside each store participating to this hunt in the mall. Hunt Items are 10L$, more than 30 stores participating, look around!

TP to SAKIDE @ Jersey Shore Mall

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Depraved Spring Madness Hunt 2012

March 16, 2012


The second Depraved Spring Madness Hunt has started until April 15th!

Here cute and mad (because of the bright colors) outfits for Spring :
2 Dresses with Sculpted skirts and sweet Plumeria flowers on them, Sculpted matching stompers with socks.

Starting point : Razorblade Jacket

150 stores participating !
List with hints > http://depravednation.com/depraved-spring-madness-2-0

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